I used to be normal. Wait. Someone is definitely going to call me out on that statement. Ok, ok! Truth is I have always been in the organic pool. I used to hang out in the shallow end. In fact, I swam there my entire life. It was all I knew. BUT in comparison to the mommy of two, deep diving domestic goddess that I have evolved to today…I was NORMAL BACK THEN.

My passion is simple: I want my loved ones to be HEALTHY. I want my loved ones to be as healthy as they can so we can spend as much time as we can together on this beautiful earth. I have a husband riddled with allergies (much better now by the way) and two beautiful, healthy boys. I am responsible for keeping my boys healthy, all three of them. It is my job. Obviously it is all their fault. I blame them one hundred percent. Clearly I have reason for my neuroses. My friends declare me crazy. Rightfully so.

Neurotic as I may be…friends call, text, e-mail, message me through social media. They contact me regarding their health, their children’s health, their cleaning supplies, detergent, toiletries, plants, flowers, and mattresses. My soon to be eighty year old grandma wants to know what I use to make my house smell so good…and doesn’t give her an asthma attack!

I am a people pleaser and an extrovert, therefore chatting with loved ones and old friends makes me very happy. What feels even better is watching loved ones become healthier as their own nests are brought back to nature…as they should be from the start.

On this blog, I will be sharing EASY organic recipes with whole foods excluding dairy, gluten, and GMO foods. I will be sharing my visions to create beautiful rooms using air purifying plants and natural elements. This blog will help to identify the hidden foods, chemicals, and toxins wreaking havoc on nests and its inhabitants. They are not hard to find after knowing where to look! Trust me. Reading here will help to detoxify, declutter, design, and distinguish a healthy beautiful life. A clean, orderly, stress free, healthy nest…as everyone deserves.

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