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The Lesser of 2 Evils in Easter Candy

40 and filterless.  Dear Lord.  Does everyone lose their filters at 40? Is it just me? Should I pray to find my filter again? Is this a blessing? Have I finally given up on caring what others think of me? Help me Lord, because I feel slightly liberated, but also slightly freaked out.  Offending people… Continue reading The Lesser of 2 Evils in Easter Candy

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Victorious Valentine’s

I am writing this post SUPER fast.  This blog is not abandoned as some may think.   I have several “drafts”, just waiting for PICTURES to come from SOMEWHERE.  As in, need to be captured, or ARE captured and sitting on my backup hard drive SOMEWHERE.  But about 5 minutes ago, my youngest told me they… Continue reading Victorious Valentine’s


Healthy Halloween 5 Ways

Pretty sure the first two words in my title don’t belong together.  Warning: I am about to vent. This is not my normal “cupcakes and rainbows self” as my dear friend likes to describe me.  I really loathe Halloween.  As a matter of fact I may dislike the last week of October as much as… Continue reading Healthy Halloween 5 Ways