MORE Chalkpaint

I may have found a new career. I am having so much fun with chalk paint. No VOCs, this stuff can be used right inside the house, although I completed this project in the garage just because that is where it landed. My second chalk paint adventure also came from a local Buy Sell Trade thread on Facebook. This little mahogany desk was FREE. I feel slightly like a dumpster diver, although I was able to just pick up from someone’s porch which was much less stinky. Being it was mahogany I probably should have sand and restored it to all its glory.  Honestly, I don’t have time for that.  My same dear friend who helped me haul my first project helped me to pick up this one as well. She is surely regretting her decision to drive a big old minivan after all the schlepping I have had her on these past few months.
Here it was…IMG_4146


I reside in a permanent brain fog and forget to take pictures until after I started.  

and here it is now!


I am going to get new handles.  It is on my mile long to do list, so I figure a year or two before getting around it.

This project was done with Renaissance Graphite paint and white wax.  It took me 2 HOURS to complete start to finish.

Stay tuned for more fun with chalk paint.  I have two more projects in the works!

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