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The Lesser of 2 Evils in Easter Candy

40 and filterless.  Dear Lord.  Does everyone lose their filters at 40? Is it just me? Should I pray to find my filter again? Is this a blessing? Have I finally given up on caring what others think of me? Help me Lord, because I feel slightly liberated, but also slightly freaked out.  Offending people… Continue reading The Lesser of 2 Evils in Easter Candy

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Victorious Valentine’s

I am writing this post SUPER fast.  This blog is not abandoned as some may think.   I have several “drafts”, just waiting for PICTURES to come from SOMEWHERE.  As in, need to be captured, or ARE captured and sitting on my backup hard drive SOMEWHERE.  But about 5 minutes ago, my youngest told me they… Continue reading Victorious Valentine’s


Healthy Halloween 5 Ways

Pretty sure the first two words in my title don’t belong together.  Warning: I am about to vent. This is not my normal “cupcakes and rainbows self” as my dear friend likes to describe me.  I really loathe Halloween.  As a matter of fact I may dislike the last week of October as much as… Continue reading Healthy Halloween 5 Ways

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My Bi-Polar Bar Cart

Hello there!  A two month hiatus from blogging!  Getting places here clearly!  Life here has been really busy and really good.  While everyone around me has been posting pumpkin lattes and countdowns to Halloween, my kids and I have been in serious denial about summer being over.  Seriously, this has been us:   No mums or… Continue reading My Bi-Polar Bar Cart