It’s January 1st, which happens to be one of my closest friend’s birthdays. I have decided to dive into this blog I have been talking about since June of 2015 for HER. Today. On her birthday.

I have decided on this because there seems to never be a good time to start, and she asked verbally and in writing on several occasions for me to write a post on my arrangements. So here it is! A birthday present first blog post for a dear friend who has left us and moved to Colorado Springs. She needs to move back here, like yesterday.

So in response to her question, “How do you know how to put all these plants together?” It is really very simple.  Here are some easy instructions along with pictures of what has been hanging around my house the past few months.  Keep in mind, much of what you need reblooms, can be gathered outside, or used again.  Therefore there is little money spent, but a big impact for your rooms.

1. Pick a large container that brings you joy. Ideally it is something that won’t leak, but I use baskets as well. Line with foil or parchment need be.


2. Pick several different plants that have different heights: one tall, one short, one in between. I always like one to have a cascading effect. Staples in my arrangements are usually orchids and Christmas cacti, which allow for a cascading effect naturally. Orchids last months in bloom, and always bloom repeatedly given the right care. Christmas cacti bloom twice a year with very little maintenance.  Choosing these plants really gives a lot of return, saving from having to spend money on new plants throughout the year.IMG_1854

With one or two staples, I throw in seasonal wild cards. These may be poinsettias, or small evergreens at Christmas. During the Spring it is usually some kind of forced bulb, like paper whites or tulips. Herbs, pumpkins, anything seasonally nostalgic. Something that catches your eye or makes you happy.  Here is an example of what is on my kitchen island right now.

3. Put the plants chosen in the container. Don’t PLANT them in the container, put them right in with their own pots. This allows for quick change out and watering. COVER the base of the plants and the pots with moss. Use several different types of moss to add interest. I almost always start with Spanish moss as a base before adding any others. Mosses are available in craft stores, floral shops, and most stores with gardening sections; such as Home Depot or Target. I may add Christmas balls or Easter eggs, pine cones or little lights, depending on mood and the season.  I like to take hikes with my boys and have them search for finds for the centerpieces often. Pine cones, sea shells, acorns, Osage oranges are always favorites to add, and they LOVE COLLECTING! It is fun for them to see their hard earned treasures displayed.



The centerpiece above is on my dining room table.  It is literally a hodgepodge of pine cones collected by the boys, moss balls, little lights, and acorn squash we intend to eat!

These centerpieces are really pretty easy to do, and I think they change the feel of the room fairly quickly. I get bored with my environment, so it is a nice change that costs very little. PLANTS BRING LIFE TO ROOMS. They clean the air. It is a win win situation.

So there it is my friends. My first blog post. In the months to come, I will be sharing ways to detox, declutter, and design a home using all organic elements.  From plants to food, cocktails to cleaning: all things non toxic.  Please share with friends, and stay tuned for more fun ways to create a natural nest!

10 thoughts on “Centerpieces

  1. So excited for you Jess! Can’t wait to read all your future entries. This blog showcases your talent. Thank you for sharing all your cool tricks with us. You are a source of inspiration! Wonderful job! ❤️

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  2. I never doubted for a moment how talented you were!!! So excited to read your first of many more blogs!!! Love and much Success!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this so much! So inspiring! Do you have any favorite places you find your gorgeous planters? I know this blog will be a great success. XO 💓


  4. I love the tiny lights, I love pine cones, I am a fan of cinnamon sticks with lights also. I really like that the white flowers liven up a room, refreshing!!! What I dislike, lol, my husband is in your town right now this Sunday morning and I’m in FL. I really want a centerpiece. Thank you Dawn Tague for sharing this, I keep going back and enjoying the beautiful arrangements. Do they ship??


  5. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it,
    you’re a great author. I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and will often come back later in life.
    I want to encourage one to continue your great posts, have a nice day!


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