Why talk Christmas in January?

It seems a little crazy to write a blog about Christmas decor at the beginning of January, but I have two great reasons: decluttering and SHOPPING.

Christmas decorations are starting to come down now. As decorations are put away, try to really take a good look at each, one at a time. Ask, “Do I really love this? Is this something that brings me warm fuzzy feelings, something I want to look at year after year? Is this something that deserves a place in my house?” OR “Is this something that was a gift from a co-worker I never really liked? This was expensive, so I should keep it.” Help me help you. Get rid of anything you are keeping out of obligation, guilt, or expense. This goes for anything in your house.  Please keep only decorations that are loved the most, that fill you with good vibes, and make you look forward to seeing them again next year.

As you purge items you don’t love anymore, it’s ok, they served you well at the time.  There is a book by Marie Kondo called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.  It is a great source of inspiration on creating an orderly home, a must read for perspective on STUFF. Put only the most adored ornaments and decorations away in an order that they can be taken out one bin at a time next year. A friend just clued me onto this trick and it is genius. All those bins out at once robs me of all the pleasure in decorating.  It turns decorating into a chore just to get the bins empty and out of my way! By putting things in bins labeled “Tree Lights” or “Ornaments”, bins can be taken out one at a time, so decorating can be done without the pressure or the chaos.  I take hours just getting lights on the tree.  You will see why below.  I don’t need to be tripping over ornaments, nor do my children need to be having christmas ball fights… as I string the lights!

12 foot Griswold tree!


I put up too many trees than I care to admit on a blog so new, for fear someone may call the authorities. I know how crazy it is to have several trees. Anything I do crazy in life tends to lead back to a child, this goes for good crazy and bad crazy.  I digress.  My little one justified why we needed so many trees so well, I caved. He was five at the time, and pled things like “we need a tree in Daddy’s office so he can enjoy it while he works, and one in MiMi and Papa’s room so its pretty when they come Christmas Eve.” How could I say no?

Now in all honesty, I enjoy having the trees. I enjoy coordinating the different styles of trees with each room. I try to make each tree have ornaments my boys get excited to see. The boys get REALLY excited about our trees.  My tree in our family room is filled with forest friends and animals which they have picked out throughout the years.  The tree looks “grown up”, but up close it is not.  There are little critters all over that tree.IMG_5632


It feels like a touch of Christmas is spread throughout the house. My kids have their own trees to express their own creativity. They decide on what lights and ornaments they wish to use.

One of the children’s rooms

So while you take down your tree, or trees if crazy like me, ask: “Is this a fabulous tree that makes me happy?” “Would I pick these ornaments again given the chance?” Get RID of ornaments you are holding on to out of obligation, guilt, expense, etcetera. This is the reason I am writing this blog in January! Keep only things loved and lighten those bins! If in need of an overhaul, go SHOP. Christmas decorations are on sale for pennies on the dollar right now. Go shop for exactly what you love, next year look forward to decorating that tree.

Here are a few things I keep in mind for trees. Some things to consider before buying anything new:

1. Look at the room. What colors are prominent? What color lights will be involved? I try to coordinate. I have a room with turquoise and orange, therefore I am not going to put an all green and red tree in that room. I incorporate turquoise and orange on the tree.

The guest bedroom (which is FAR from complete) has a very kid loved tree with pops of coordinating colors.


2. If you have ornaments that cannot be parted with, but don’t necessarily go with the tree or the room, do not give up. Look at the room and find ribbon, and lots of it, that coordinates. Wrap, or simply tie beautiful bows all over the tree. It will have such a designer impact it will look as it were decorated for the room.

Our Basement Tree

3. Buy several of the same, or very similar ornaments. Little repeated pops of color or texture look great on a tree. I am not saying that the whole tree should be uniform and boring, but ornaments of the same hue or sparkle have a big impact.  I am not a fan of things uniform or matching perfectly, but that is for another blog post.

Our bedroom, which changes colors throughout the year.

4.  If a room is neutral there are so many options.  I left my family room tree neutral.  What is wonderful about neutral rooms  is color can be added and changed so easily.  My living room and dining room are both neutral and connected, so in December I love pops of red.  Pick a great color, grab some pillows, curtains, throws, or tablecloths along with coordinating pops of color for the tree, and voila.


So there it is…just a little decluttering advice and a reason to shop for something fun need be, without breaking the bank!

6 thoughts on “Why talk Christmas in January?

  1. Did someone read “the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”? Great advice on getting rid of things as you un-decorate Christmas. Your home and all of your trees are gorgeous. Looking forward to more inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I was going to do a post on the book, but ended up just adding it in this one. I fall into the ten percent that have no problem getting rid of things! I know its not the same for all though;)


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