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Six Steps to Healthier Eating

Six steps to healthier eating, along with my first guest blogger!

This blog is written for a dear, wonderful friend, who wants advice on what are healthy choices for her beautiful family. While I dedicated my entire last blog on what to read and how to educate on nutrition, I know reality. Reality is busy. So this is my Cliff note version for my dear friend. Until she has a zillion hours to read all the books I am recommending, which with three, beautiful, active kiddos is probably never.

Starting from scratch, blindly, working at a pace as slow or fast as needed, small smarter choices can easily be made. These steps or “Jesseisms” are based on conclusions from years of reading up on nutrition, along with some antidotal references as well.

  1.  DELETE PROCESSED FOODS that include any chemicals, dyes, preservatives, corn syrup, brown rice syrup, etc. I would love to say just omit all processed foods in the long run, but start small. Try to keep processed foods to just a couple ingredients. For example, potato chips: potatoes, olive oil, sea salt. Ingredients your six year old can’t read should not be in your food.
  2. DELETE DAIRY. There is so much research on this I don’t know how diary farms are still in business. Oh wait, yes I do. It’s because dairy is bleeping delicious. But in all seriousness…no other mammal drinks another mammal’s milk unless there is absolutely no other option. Think about it, would you push a baby calf out of the way to suck on a cow’s udder? GROSS. The growth hormone, antibiotic laden puss filled milk in plastic, pthathylate, endocrine disrupting sippy cups is the norm. This is ludicrous in my mind. Not to mention the poor baby calves who are separated from their mommy at birth. Seriously, my conscience can’t take it. Dairy causes many health problems, too many to list. 75% of eczema is linked to dairy, the other 15% is linked to wheat. Dairy does not do the body good. In fact, countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis consume the highest amounts of dairy! Read some of the actual research done, and see if dairy is worth it. Hopefully the dairy industry won’t come after me the way the beef industry came after Oprah. I don’t have the cash to fight them in court!  Dairy is big business!
  3. DELETE GMOs. This sounds pretty easy, but it is really hard to do in this fine country we live. Over 60 countries across the globe, including those in the European Union, Japan, and Australia; have either placed severe restrictions or BANNED GMOs outright. In the United States genetically modified foods don’t even require a label. There are different types of genetically modified foods. The worst kind in my personal opinion are Monsanto’s Round Up Ready seeds. Eating genetically modified soy or corn, is ingesting trace amounts of glyphosate. The stuff used to control weeds in the garden. ROUND UP. The United States also genetically modifies wheat so that it no longer resembles anything found in nature, which in my personal opinion is the reason everyone is suddenly wheat intolerant. Eating organic corn, soy, or wheat is a better choice, but still not the best. Due to cross pollination, GMOs are basically corrupting the entire food supply. Alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, sorghum, soybeans, sugar beets, and wheat are usually genetically modified unless labeled organic. Stick with rice, quinoa, millet, or amaranth, if choosing to eat grains. Sprouting is the best way to go if incorporating grains, nuts, or seeds into any diet. Sprout or soak a cup or two the night before eating, to release any phytic acid that would inhibit the gut from absorbing minerals. Sprouted flours, cereals, and breads can be found in most natural foods stores, as well as some mainstream grocers as well.
  4. DELETE ANY MEAT THAT IS NOT ORGANIC, HIGH QUALITY, or GRASS FED If choosing to eat meat, please only purchase high quality meat. Not only for humane reasons, but also for health reasons. The poor animals are being fed genetically modified foods, growth hormones, antibiotics. Cows are not meant to eat corn, they are meant to eat GRASS. Genetically modified corn makes them sick, and they are pumped with antibiotics. It is really awful. Grass fed beef has a higher nutritional value, as do pasture fed eggs, pasture raised chickens, turkeys, etc. If eating seafood, be sure it is wild and NOT FARM RAISED. One look at a frankenfish farm will put this all into perspective.
  5. DELETE NON-ORGANIC FRUITS & VEGETABLES and just buy organic whenever possible. It is worth the extra money. No one needs herbicides, pesticides, or known carcinogens floating around their bodies. Better yet, buy fruits raised locally or do what I do. Put your kids to work to harvest the fruit for you.10649692_10204941086466095_6809711469728508932_n.jpg
  6. DELETE SUGAR Believe it or not, unless sugar is labeled organic, it is probably coming from GMO sugar beets. Substitute fruit, raw honey, or maple syrup sparingly as needed. Try not to purchase foods with hidden sugar. Sugar can be found in foods that wouldn’t be suspected, such as salsa or spaghetti sauce. Read labels.

So what is left to eat? REAL FOOD. Make real food a habit. Teach your children, friends, family! Spread the good news! I leave you with a note from a guest blogger…my seven year old. He wrote what he wanted for breakfast this week. The only coaching I did was tell him he couldn’t write the same meal twice.


What the kid is really eating…


But if he is asking for it, it must be pretty good…right?

One thought on “Six Steps to Healthier Eating

  1. Very concise and attainable goals. Now, to implement them. I love macade’s varied menu. I am sure hIs good eating habits now, will show if you start them young, you don’t have to undo bad habits later. Nice job, mom!

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