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Chalk Paint is a Game Changer

One half of the only room I like in my house!

I like one half of a room in my house right now…the other half needs help. As in, needs board and batten, my amazing capiz shell sconces (that I bought two years ago and still are not hung), and a large credenza, console, media center; whatever you would like to call it. The credenza I really wanted was more than I wanted to spend considering the hundred zillion other places our money needs to go.

So I have resorted to DIY. I have a friend who pretty much sold me into it with the promise of help, then bailed I may add;). However I am so glad she did because it opened my eyes to totally natural nester friendly, non-toxic, no volatile organic compound (vocs) CHALK PAINT.

This little number jumped into my newsfeed on a local Buy Sell Trade page for forty-five BUCKS. I only took the bottom.  Below is a picture along with a text from my mom, who is queen of funny auto correct spelling.  The credenza I wanted was actually well over two grand at Restoration Hardware, not Sinclair Somalian.


This is a solid piece of furniture. So solid I bashed and bruised my leg trying to get it into my friend’s minivan. Actually now that I think about it, she was a huge help, I did not give her proper credit above.

Let me tell you, it is so easy that my four and seven year olds assisted with the entire project. It may have been a little easier without so much help, but come on…those little buggers really poured their heart and souls into it!  They also get to share in the satisfaction of an awesome piece of furniture they helped bring back to life…

The steps were ridiculously easy:
1. Choose your color and wax. THE LONGEST part for me.
2. Remove all hardware and knobs.
3. Wash down your masterpiece and dry.
4. Paint two coats of chalk paint. Dry in between.

Just the paint, no wax

5. Put on your wax and buff! (really easy although I was super stressed)

Choose from white, dark, or clear wax. Experiment on inside of door. I used a combo of white then dark.

6. Put back on hardware. I bought new, but the old can be used too.



Lots of money saved means more money for other fun house projects, like maybe hanging those capiz shell sconces next to the television!  One step closer to finishing one room of the house. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?




7 thoughts on “Chalk Paint is a Game Changer

  1. Ha! Looks so great, and I admire you for jumping right in and getting it done. That’s my problem, dragging my feet on projects!
    ” the friend who bailed” 😉


  2. Is chalk paint similar to milk paint? Milk paint is what I used to re-do our lovely 1967 kitchen cabinets. Very easy to use with outstanding results. Your credenza and how you are using it is gorgeous!


    1. I don’t know much about milk paint aside from not having to sand beforehand, so I am assuming they are similar. A friend of mine is about to use milk paint on her bathroom cabinet. I adore your house, Lisa!


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