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Victorious Valentine’s

I am writing this post SUPER fast.  This blog is not abandoned as some may think.   I have several “drafts”, just waiting for PICTURES to come from SOMEWHERE.  As in, need to be captured, or ARE captured and sitting on my backup hard drive SOMEWHERE.  But about 5 minutes ago, my youngest told me they… Continue reading Victorious Valentine’s

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Eye Candy, Bunnies, and Hot Chicks

Eye candy, little bunnies, and hot chicks make me happy in the Spring.  This has no relevance to Playboy bunnies.  Not that kind of eye candy or chick.  This kind…   Let me be clear here, these bunnies are for decorating only. Unless they are from a trusted source, these cute little bunnies are LOADED… Continue reading Eye Candy, Bunnies, and Hot Chicks

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Easy Orchid Care for All

A few people have reached out on how I care for orchids.  I feel like this post is long overdue in response, considering it is not very complicated. I counted on the phone with my dear friend asking this question the other day…I have 27 orchids. 19 of them are flowering. By “flowering” I mean… Continue reading Easy Orchid Care for All