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Beneficial Bacteria and Booze, What Could be Better?

I just had the luxury of spending the entire week in a house steps from the beach with the fam. I moaned over the eight hour drive (Outer Banks MOM?!? Whyyyyyy can’t we just go to Cape May??!?). My angst subsided upon arrival.


Our week was flipping awesome. I ran on the beach every morning, read books (thank you Dad for taking my kids on daily excursions to make this possible), shopped, kayaked, ate at great restaurants, played Uno, colored, unsuccessfully conspired to catch ghost crabs, played Monopoly, watched my brother loose fish, played more Uno, went to the aquarium, and DRANK. Good music played and the television was not turned on ONCE. Amen. 

Does my first born not look like one of those sad 1900’s photos where no one smiles?
My little one and I are tied for best tan in the fam…

Back to natural nesting, the purpose of this blog…my close friends know I have been on a kick for about a year of seeking ways to keep the chemicals out of my alcohol. A staple for our parties has been my made up creation of “sanbucha” which is a sangria made with kombucha, organic wine, alcohol and organic fruit. My motto: Beneficial bacteria and booze, what could be better?
Well, keeping with that motto a new cocktail has spawned. It involves a drink called Kevita, which is a probiotic drink of coconut kefir. It is naturally effervescent due to fermentation. According to the Body Ecology diet coconut kefir helps to rid the body of candida and makes skin glow. Hubs and I actually cracked a coconut and made it (before the coconut water craze) which never happened again after I found this stuff. I managed to find a chili lime ginger version…in the outer banks of North Carolina, which is an amazing feet in itself. Sooooo…
One shot The Kracken Rum

Kevita Chili Ginger Lime

One squeeze of fresh lime
If Kevita is unavailable, try Ginger Aid Kombucha, OR sub a ginger beer with natural cane sugar, NOT high fructose corn syrup. This drink was inspired at the beginning of the summer from a friend prepared exactly this way.

The inspiration behind the cocktail…

So as I type this we are headed to the Jersey shore for another annual week of fun with the in-laws. My first born and I are 8 days into our shower outside only for 18 days straight challenge.  I have had lots of time making up for my lack of technology on this car ride to Jersey:  reading blogs, playing on Pinterest, posting to Facebook, and lastly updating my new Instagram account. Please follow THENATURALNESTER on Instagram and post any yummy cocktails below that may help make it through my hard week ahead😉

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