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My Bi-Polar Bar Cart

Hello there!  A two month hiatus from blogging!  Getting places here clearly!  Life here has been really busy and really good.  While everyone around me has been posting pumpkin lattes and countdowns to Halloween, my kids and I have been in serious denial about summer being over.  Seriously, this has been us:


No mums or pumpkins are allowed anywhere near my house until October 1st.  Usually.  I actually crashed and felt a little bi-polar myself when I saw rain in the forecast today.   To cheer myself up I caved and bought a zillion little pumpkins in attempt to change my mood from summer to fall.

Soooooooo, this is what inspired me to share today.  Baby pumpkins and ANOTHER chalk paint project.  I purchased this bar cart years back.  I am talking before children.  I can’t remember what it cost but I want to say about $60.  A steal.  This supercaliFRAGILE vintage bar cart broke.  I needed to replace the bottom glass.  So after having sit in the basement forever, I brainstormed and decided chalk paint on a simple piece of plywood may just bring this  back to life.  Ta Da! Not only alive, but boasting multiple personalities.  Two different looks.






I traced the upper glass onto newspaper for a template to replace the lower glass.  Then traced the template onto the wood.  TWICE.  My husband took a bat at this with a jigsaw first, but the wood resembled a four year old who is being told to cut on a line, it wasn’t pretty.  A friend saw my attempt at trying to sand the edges and offered to cut a new piece of wood.  Much better.

Then it was just a matter of painting two sides of the wood.  I decided to use two different paints for different looks.  FYI, smaller chalk paint sizes are now being offered at craft stores for half the price, which is nice for small projects like these.  I really think the better more expensive brands go a little farther, but $40 plus dollars for a small project like this would not be fiscally responsible, just sayin’.  I used clear wax on the blue side. I used a mixture of gray paint and dark wax on the opposite side, giving it a weathered wood effect.   Paint first, then wax.  That order.


The bar cart was supposed to go in the pool house for parties which was what made me go with blue, but it never made it there.  It has been in our family room.  I really love bar carts, and reluctantly admit we have more than one bar cart area in our house.  It brings me back to college, when a friend faithfully watched General Hospital.  Remember that show? The swanky rich folks who were constantly pouring drinks from their little bar cart.  Is it still on?  Are they still doing that?


Those lovely flowers were fresh picked today, from what was left at the farm.  It is always bittersweet to know that when we return to the farm next week, flowers may be no more.  Weekly flowers is yet another reason community supported agriculture ROCKS.  

But oh well, I guess it is time to join the rest of the them, HELLO FALL.  Pumpkin latte shopping is on the to do list for tomorrow.  Priorities.



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