Drink Up Witches

It is officially October!  Now is the time to officially embrace the Fall.  This is my mantra for the month, because it is my birth month after all.

My first chalkboard was a little before the trend, painted on a wall in the kitchen of my house back in 2003.  Fast forward to our current house, this one is quite larger.  The chalkboard wall is a great trend to jump on.  It provides a great backdrop for current events and holidays.  My kids love to draw on it.  I like to write little spiritual reminders for the whole family.  My wall has magnetic paint underneath, so sometimes it is used to display things as well.  Not much is required in means of waste or storage for a chalkboard wall, yet it can be a great tool for makimg a big impact an impact while decorating.  

This month, I couldn’t resist having a little fun with a message that is pretty inappropriate…but goes right over my kids heads of course.

So far it has been a great weekend.  My witches don’t disappoint;)

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