Party Time!

I am designating this blog to show my utmost appreciation to all the people in my life who threw me a fabulous party last Saturday.  I just had a “milestone” birthday, although I am sticking to the story of Forever 21.  My dad says the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I am pretty much oblivious to what is going on around me, just like my mama.  When they told me of all the shenanigans, I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming.  In my defense, I feel like everyone around me did an amazing job of covering everything up.

Everyone’s stories lined up, my husband’s, my mom’s, my best friend’s.  My mom covered all angles brilliantly, all the way down to “Your dad and I are watching the boys.  Dad already has dinner for him and the boys planned, tenderloin and wings.  Nothing for me to eat. (She is vegetarian.)”  So of course I didn’t think anything of my dad with two grills going on the deck.  Because two grill are really needed for one adult and two small children to eat.

My mom and I shopped all day, and the thought to buy something to wear that night never even crossed my mind.  I truly thought I was going to dinner with three besties from college, in a sleepy little town 20 minutes from my house.  I wore a dress my friend stated I would “never wear again” after nursing.  I had to prove her wrong ten years later;) Let’s just call the dress vintage Bebe…

The surprise was at Old York Winery, which I love.  I love it for many reasons.  Aside from breath taking views and the obvious of wine, they support local farming and local businesses.  The space is authentic and original.  I couldn’t think of a better place for a party.  I am so happy that was the choice of venue.

Here are a few pictures from friends’ and family’s phones.  Of course, mine was dead.  They only thing I would have changed about the night aside from my dress was maybe a photographer!  However, phone pictures are better than no pictures.  I am grateful to all who sent me their snapshots of the night.

I just can’t even stand the cuteness of my little nugget hiding under the table above.

Here is the actual surprise.  Excuse the shrill voice! Don’t worry about the text I was referring, waaaay to much information.


My husband thought of everything and had a sitter waiting for the boys.  They were not there the entire night.  I have to say I was slightly relieved as my little one asked me for more sushi nothing short of ten times in ten minutes.  So happy they were there for the surprise and the cake!
A dear sweet friend of mine who clearly gets me, did the flowers and made me this great flower crown for the night.  My mom is a floral designer, but she clearly couldn’t swing flowers being she was with ME all day.  Even my “flowermom” as we call her, told my friend she could be a floral designer.  She nailed it.  She used branches, curly willow, fresh grass plumes, and leaves.  Perfect.  Flowers the natural nester way!  Of course we didn’t really get pictures of the flowers or the room, because everyone was too busy having FUN!

That is my mom’s famous banana cake, made without dairy for me.  She decorated it in our pool house.  She told me she had to measure something out there.  I believed it. I love a homemade cake without yucky dyes, gmos, or chemicals.  Everyone LOVES this cake.  I even have a brother-in-law who asked for it for his birthday once.  It is that good. The kind of cake I didn’t even feel bad for feeding my boys for breakfast the next morning!

Only picture I could find with an arrangement!

The balloons were brought by a friend and my mom printed pictures of me through out my life to hang on the bottom.  Love that Pinspiration.  It was also quite comical that some guests were actually asking, “Who is the little girl on the balloons?”  Um, ME!

Thanks to all who contributed and came out to celebrate!

One thought on “Party Time!

  1. You gave me way too much credit! While the flower crown was my responsibility, it was all your moms idea for the other arrangements. I was just the “leaf getter”. Well, the kids and I… and Bella! 😁 It was. Great time!


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