Osage Oranges

We just had the luxury of a four day weekend with the kids, with no trips planned.  It was totally awesome, with nothing but outside time, reading, a trip to see Trolls, sleepovers, football games, and birthday parties.  Wish all weeks had four day weekends.

We ventured out for our annual walk with close friends to pick osage oranges.  We collect these every year to not eat, but decorate.  They don’t taste good, no one really eats them.  My kids call them boppies, because our friends’ children called them that before they knew what they were.  It is one of those words that will forever stick.

I don’t really decorate much for Thanksgiving.  We are away every year.  The day we return, we chop down our CHRISTMAS TREE.  Our pumpkins from Halloween basically have a few gourds and squash added and viola, “Thanksgiving”.  In reality I do love these boppies, but having the kids look forward to our long walk with friends to collect them is really the most special part of all.  The added bonus is the oranges are used all over the house, and don’t cost a thing (well, except for the cost of repair of the White and Warren cashmere I ripped while collecting them).


The funny thing is osage oranges were used to deter animals from crops, so at times they are a little tricky to get.  I was literally in the thicket throwing them out to my oldest.  I got so stuck I had to start disrobing to get out.  Learn from my mistake and do not wear cashmere to collect these (hang head in shame).


That is when my friend insisted I stop the madness, because she knew of a tree in the wide open.  Man do I wish I listened sooner!  Osage oranges GALORE with no thicket.  I was intoxicated with them and collected enough to fill a large contractor’s bag!  I couldn’t get enough.


So this is what my kids and I did with them.  We still have so many I am sharing them with friends and family.


See that white pot above?  That WAS gorgeous.  Before the deer gobbled up all the flowering spilling over succulent and creeping Jenny.  They also ate all the beautiful swiss chard and cabbages.  I have a serious love/hate relationship with deer.  They eat EVERYTHING, an are so brazen they will come right up to my front door!img_4332


Their smell is citrusy and divine and I love the pop of color.  Osage oranges will last weeks, especially outdoors.  A fun way to get outdoors with the kids and decorate for free!

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