When the Bunny Comes…

This post is for quite a few friends who have reached out with Easter basket inquiries…and also to show off my other cutie pie son since my last post only featured one.  Part of the reason of me starting this blog was because I get a lot of questions about healthy eating from friends and family.  I do love helping friends and family because my heart gets really full when they feel better!  These are typical texts I get…

So the last post discussed better choices in candy.  When it comes to Easter baskets the bunny is always really good about bringing some decent organic candy, along with MORE decent small toys, Legos, Shrinky Dinks, sensitive plants, markers, sketch pads, beach towels, flip flops, watches, goggles, POKÉMON cards, and overall fun but small activities for boys.  In fact, I am super shocked I haven’t run into the bunny himself in stores I frequent; such as Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, PB Kids, GapKids, or Target buying the stuff that goes in their baskets.

So my littlest wanted to “decowate” for Easter.  I of course said yes, but crap why are we doing this considering we are not even going to be here before or after Easter? It was super fun regardless on a rainy day with just the two of us.  He literally did 75 percent of the “decowating”. He also was shocked at the small box of Easter things we had, considering we have to many bins to count at Christmas!  Here is his work…




This little guy is also responsible for the one of the quotes on our chalkboard.  He corrected me when I was writing the first quote…

Hence, his initials after the quote.


My oldest schooled me while shopping and gave me a nice little dose of my own medicine.  He told be to “Collect moments, not plants Mom.”  IMG_4769


This little birdie with her babies was my grandmom’s.  It seemed very appropriate for the natural nester.  It is hard to see, but on the stem.  This and my mantel were pretty much my only contribution to the “decowating”.  The rest was all my boy.  He is going to make a pretty awesome husband some day.


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